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i do not support nor glorify eating disorders or self harm....this blog is simply to vent my feelings and share my life
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if season 10 is the last season what if cas sacrifices himself and uses whatever grace he has left at the end of the season to save dean and the screen cuts to black and we hear cas’ pained, dying voice overlay saying, “dean winchester.. is saved.” and the credits play with carry on my wayward son 

Why, thank you Satan

Why woul you say something like this *excuses myself to I cry*

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4:00 a.m.


I crave your arms around me.
I crave your lips pressed to mine.
I crave your voice.
I crave your laugh.
I crave our legs intertwined.
I crave the sound of your heartbeat as I lay with my head on your chest.
I crave late night and early morning conversations with you.
I crave the way your eyes glow in the sun’s light.
I crave your presence.
I crave you.
All that you are.

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